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Decorative aquariums and closed ecosystems developed by NASA

Eco-sphere Canada – the one and only eco-sphere ecosystems

Ecosphere – Decorative aquarium and closed ecosystem – The perfect corporate gift


Halfway between art and science, Eco-sphere aquariums are closed ecosystems that live and thrive before your eyes. Beware of imitations. If you want a true ecosystem product according to the rules set by NASA, make sure your ecosystem bears the mark "Eco-sphere".

We’ve been manufacturing Eco-sphere aquariums since 1984 and are the only ones to produce these ecosystems, which were originally created and officially recognized by NASA. Only the authentic Eco-sphere was designed using NASA’s patented technology, which ensures the self-sustainability and longevity of the closed ecosystem.

Animals and plants, live in harmony, without outside help. All they need is a little light! The Eco-sphere aquarium is like a small biological battery, storing light energy converted biochemically. Food and oxygen cannot be produced for the shrimp if the system is starved for light. Light, together with carbon dioxide in the water, enables the algae to produce oxygen. The shrimp breathe oxygen in the water and nibble on the algae and bacteria.

When you buy an Eco-sphere aquarium you are guaranteed not only a true self sufficient ecosystem, but you also to benefit from an actual guarantee and after sales service.

Eco-sphere aquariums make the perfect corporate gift because they are unique, long-lasting and suitable for a wide range of industries. They are a great conversation piece and always make a memorable impression.